How We Operate

We leverage Google's advanced suite of Machine Learning tools to solve difficult analytical and technical challenges at-scale.
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Cloud AutoML

AutoML allows the quick and efficient training of models based on visual data. State of the art transfer learning and Neural Architecture search provide highly accurate results. Usage of the latest data sets provide industry leading performance.

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Google Cloud Platform

Build What's Next. Better software. Faster. Grow from prototype to production to planet-scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance. Using the power of Google's Cloud Machine Learning services, Optfit can help your company develop robust Machine Learning solutions to meet your organizational needs.

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Infrastructure Automation

Employ infrastructure automation with our GCP experts at Optfit. Spin-up servers automation for faster Time-To-Live and reduced ops and infrastructure costs.

The Optfit Team

We're led by a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers with deep experience across disciplines and that pioneer the industry and solve problems at scale.
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Barton Rhodes


Barton has worked as a data scientist and machine learning engineer across a variety of industries and problem scales. His focus is on applying machine learning to natural language processing and cybersecurity. Barton is passionate about turning ML models into scalable products and democratizing AI. When not hacking, he is helping organize Denver Machine Learning Group with the goal of elevating the practice in Denver/Boulder region and beyond.

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Chris Wolf


Chris brings a rich history as a data analyst for agencies, mobile app studios, and massive online games. His focus on client value has supported a six-year partnership and driven more than $10m in client revenue. When not glued to a computer, Chris loves biking through the Cuyahoga Valley and binge-watching Netflix.

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Dustin Eder

Director of ML Infrastructure

Dustin has managed infrastructure for both large enterprises and small businesses. With an expansive knowledge of systems administration and the power of the cloud he is ready to conquer the world.

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Tim Strawbridge

Director of ML Engineering

Tim has worked on machine learning projects across several domains. His specialization is applying machine learning techniques to natural language classification and cybersecurity problems. When not working, Tim enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and hiking.

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Lindsey Eggleston

ML Engineer

Joewie Photo

Joewie Koh

ML Engineer/NLP Project Lead

GCP Partner

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The Optfit team scales your projects quickly with GCP. Deep experience enables us to spin up projects quickly keeping you on time and within budget.